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People With Bad Breath Upset Me- Feli Nuna

People With Bad Breath Upset Me- Feli Nuna

Singer Feli Nuna has expressed her distaste and loathe for persons with bad breath. According to her, one of the things that majorly upset her immediately is bad breath. She says she does not want the stress and is likely to be forward with someone who has this problem if and only if she is cool with them.

“I don’t like stress at all, so I don’t want somebody who will come and stress me. One thing I dislike is body odour. People with body odour put me off…I recently went to an engagement somewhere, some girls came to stand by me and I could tell they have body odour, I was just upset, I just couldn’t.”

Feli Nuna added that she will, however, offer a piece of advice only if she is cool with the fellow.

“Sometimes if I see you’re cool, I’ll approach and talk to you. I will be like, oh have you noticed this, oh me, these are some of the things I use and all, if I know that I can help, I will help. But you say it in a nice way because if you don’t say it, everybody around will rather be laughing at them and it’s not good. Because if you’ve noticed it, meaning, other people have also noticed it. So it’s just about saying it in a nice way.”

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